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CANTINO'S MAP is one of the most beautiful geographical maps manufactured and illuminated in Portugal in 1502, right after Columbus’ and Vespucci’s voyages. It is drawn on six sheets of vellum joined together to make up a single 105 × 220 cm sheet and shows the coasts of the Caribbean and Brazil.

This facsimile edition of the map, absolutely the best ever made for accuracy in details and colors, promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture and printed in 750 certified copies, is a coedition Il Bulino - Biblioteca Estense Universitaria. The facsimile has been printed in 6 fragments subsequently joined and lined together, presented in a special case (110×16×16 cm) together with the commentary volume and the certificate of authenticity.

For any questions or further information please contact roberto@ilbulino.com

Il Bulino edizioni d'arte - via B. Cervi, 80 - 41123 Modena (Italy) - www.ilbulino.com


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